Restaurant Almgrill: Discover the fine alpine cuisine in the Hotel Erb

The Almgrill restaurant is part of the Best Western Plus Hotel Erb and is equally popular with our hotel guests and visitors from the region. In our grill restaurant with the charming design ambience we offer you international and Bavarian specialties with great attention to detail. In a feel-good atmosphere with alpine charm, you can look forward to grilled specialties and more, which are not only served by the chef Kaan Delibas and team, but are also embedded in a harmonious overall concept.

In the Almgrill, the JOSPER ensures the unique taste

Would you like to know one of the many reasons that sets our Almgrill restaurant in Parsdorf apart from others in the greater Munich area? Then we'll reveal the secret. Because with us, the JOSPER ensures that unmistakable taste, which is not only enjoyed by the guests at the Best Western Plus Hotel Erb , but BBQ enthusiasts from Munich and the surrounding area are also enthusiastic.

The grill? A legend!

The JOSPER is a special combination of grill and oven and is round in leading grill restaurants and steak houses used around the globe. We discovered it in Barcelona and couldn't resist taking it to the Hotel Erb. A particularly high temperature enables our best cuts of meat, freshly caught fish or vegetarian ingredients to be grilled, but not completely cooked through. This guarantees a tender end result with an incomparable taste.
Due to the high temperature, the JOSPER is significantly faster than standard gourmet grills. Shortly after ordering, the incomparable aroma will rise up in your nose at your table and tickle your palate with a noble, woody taste. The biochar we use provides this delicate smoky note. Whether international or regional cuisine - the finest grilled food from JOSPER should not be missed in the Almgrill restaurant!

Almgrill family restaurant

We have perfected the grilling of meat, fish, burgers and vegetarian dishes with a lot of passion. We are therefore proud that connoisseurs who are looking for a steak restaurant in Parsdorf keep coming back to us. However, the Almgrill puts just as much passion into its reputation as a family restaurant. A children's menu should not be missing. In the Almgrill, the little guests will find their absolute favorite dishes on the menu, from schnitzels and burgers to fish fingers and bratwurst.

Opening times and reservations

The Almgrill restaurant welcomes you from Monday to Saturday and on public holidays between 6pm and 9pm. You can make your reservation by phone on +49 89 991100 or directly online here . Do you already know our vouchers? A great way to say thank you with dinner or brunch or to make loved ones happy!
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